Choosing The Right Bird Cage For Your Parrot Is So Important

You have decided you want a parrot, and now before you take ownership you need to get the . One that will be big enough, not just for your parrot but also for any bird cage accessories you may wish to include like bird toys, perches and such like.

So, what do you need to look for when trying to choose a cage from all the many types and varieties out there?

Buying any parrot, big or small, can be an expensive proposition. And having spent all that money on your bird now is not the time to skimp on his or her’s housing.

In trying to choose the correct cage for your bird, one that is best suited to him or her the following points will help you choose the best one.

  • In determining the size of cage to be bought the outstretched wingspan of your parrot is the most important factor. Your cage needs to have enough space to allow your parrot to fully extend his wings and flap them about without being hindered or cramped by the sides of the cage.
  • Once you have determined the size of cage you need you need then to consider the many varieties of pet bird cages available in the marketplace. Do you want a dome shaped cage or is it a square cage you prefer? Before choosing consider that dome shaped cages are difficult for your parrot because he is not able to climb on or up it and then play on the cage. Generally the dome shaped cages have lots of vertical bars but few horizontal ones making it almost impossible for your bird to climb on it. Also, towards the top of the cage the available space becomes narrower and makes it difficult for your bird to spread his wings. So a square or rectangular shaped cage of the right size for your particular bird would be much better.
  • It is important that you buy the best quality cage you can afford. Cages are made from many different materials and although cages built using the higher quality materials are more expensive generally they are safer and last longer.
  • Always think “safety” when buying your bird’s cage. Ornate scroll work and complicated designs on cages might look nice but they can be a death trap for your bird. The spacing of cage bars can also be deadly if your bird can get his head, feet or wings caught in them. Sharp edges are also something you will need to watch out for. Don’t skimp on your parrot’s cage. A “cheap and nasty” cage can so easily lead to the death or maiming of your bird.
  • Who is going to look after the cage? Ideally you want a cage that you can easily maintain. It needs to have a tray that slides out at the bottom of the cage which is easily cleaned with easy access to food and water dishes.

Whilst these tips are not exhaustive making use of them will help to ensure you for your parrot that will be comfortable and safe for him.

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