When you buy a from a pet shop, retailer or other supplier it will generally come with manufactured, wood dowelling or even plastic perhaps, perches . These are not very good for your parrot’s feet. Whilst they can be used it is much better to make your own.

Making your own natural perch is really very simple. Measure the perches that came with the cage and then go out and cut your own of the same overall length, preferable from fruit trees. Look for branches that are rough and have small shoots or twigs coming off them. These types of branches exercise your birds feet, keep their nails in good condition and are much more interesting and fun.

Your bird also gets the added extra of being able to strip away the bark from his natural perch which helps to keep his beak in tip top condition.

Home made perches are also easily changed when they become worn which usually takes 4 to 5 months. But some can last a lot longer. It just depends on your bird.

Perches should be scrubbed when the rest of the cage is cleaned, preferably at least once a week. Anything that will improve your bird’s behavior and condition should be employed and home made perches are good for their feet, nails and beak as well as providing your bird with entertainment and exercise.