You’ve bought the parrot but where is he going to live? Presumably you will want to put him somewhere where he can be seen as well as interact with his human family. After having spent all that money buying him in the first place you surely don’t want to shut him away out of sight somewhere.

You need to think it through quite carefully where you want to put the cage or, given the size of the cage, it might be more a case of “where can I put it”?

Here are some tips that will help you decide where to place your parrot’s cage.

First off, if the cage is a significant size, it is probably more a case of “where will the cage fit”? You need to go through your home and look at possible places that your bird cage would fit but you need to bear in mind the following before finally deciding where to put it.

Parrots, like the african grey parrot , as well as being very social birds are also flock creatures and until you get your bird to recognise you as the flock leader your bird will believe he is the flock leader and you and your family the flock. And flock creatures like to be with other flock creatures so your parrot needs to be in the “thick” of things. He needs to be where the action is, where family members congregate and where there is always something going on. Putting your parrot in the spare room or out of the way somewhere would not be good for your bird.

There are far too many dangerous items and things going on for the kitchen to be a good place to put the cage.

The cage needs to be out of the way of any drafts but at the same time it needs to be where there is sufficient ventilation.

Ideally you should have two cages. One for use as a sleeping area, your parrots roost , which can be put well away from the hustle and bustle of your family’s life as parrots need at least 11 to 12 hours sleep a night. The other cage or playpen placed where your bird can interact with family members.

Being a social creature your parrot needs to interact with you on a regular basis. If there is no interaction your parrot will become bored, maybe distant and withdrawn and all sorts of problems like feather plucking, screaming, screeching, biting and aggressive behavior may begin to surface.

Giving a little bit of thought to where you can place your parrot’s cage can help to reduce the likelyhood of these types of problems occurring and allow you to really enjoy your parrot.

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