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Any pet bird be it a budgie, cockatiel, canary, parrot, whatever will spend alot of time in a bird cage unless of course your bird lives outside in an aviary but that’s not what this is about. Here I am going to give you a couple of tips to show you how you can make your bird cage more than just a plain ole birdcage; you can turn it into

Put the bird cage where your pet can see and hear everything that is going on in your family. Birds are “flock” creatures and very sociable. They need the stimulus and excitement of being where the rest of their flock, you and your family, are otherwise they will become very bored and may even resort to plucking their own feathers.

Don’t use pet shop bought perches or ordinary pieces of doweling. These have a fixed and constant diameter which is not good for your birds feet. Instead go into your garden, or the local park,and find your own perches from tree branches or thick twigs. Fruit trees are a good source of perches. Birds like to strip the bark from the branches and the irregular shape and nature of the branch is better for their feet.

You don’t have to buy expensive for your bird. Birds are playful creatures and will enjoy playing with a lot of things you would call junk. Cotton reels, toilet rolls, zips, hair curlers, bells and balls to name just a few items. Just make sure nothing you put in the cage is capable of hurting your bird.

Cage cleaning needs to be done reguarly and done properly. Clean toys and perches at the same time and instead of lining the floor of the cage with paper rather use a fine sand.

Find out more about how you can bond with your bird and create a fantastic relationship that will last a lifetime. Parrots can live for up to 80 years so “make the most of it” They are not called “companion pets” for no reason.

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